One True Love


This song is about my first meeting in The White Star in Liverpool with my beautiful ‘Caroline’ and looks back to the happiness we have today and have had through the years. Thanks to David Paton,(Bass) David Valentine (Piano & Production), Bob Heatlie (Strings), Rab Howat (Guitar), Martin Wykes (Drums) and Ed Logan (Engineer) who gave their talents to this track. This is available on SPOTIFY and iTUNES

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ONE TRUE LOVE intro C/ Fmaj7 8 bars Capo 1st Fret Db

Verse 1 C/ Fmaj7 / G

I remember the day we met C
I gazed across and wiped my sweat Fmaj7
the lovin’ looks I tried to hide, from you C/ G
There were no words to describe C
The feelings that I had inside Fmaj7
As I sang these songs, C
the words meant more to me G

And from that very moment Am/ Em /
My life felt so worthwhile Fmaj7/ C
And all the love I’d waited for came true Fm/ Fm9/C
And from that very moment
I’d never be the same Fmaj7/ C
I realised that everything was you Fm/ Fm9 / G

Ab C
Your’ one true love is all I have
Ab C
There aint nothin’ else for me
Ab C/Am
Your’ one true love is all I need
Fm G
You came along and made me see

Verse 2
For 10 years now we’ve loved and laughed
Made our path we’ve walked this land
Together we grow stronger everyday
Life is easy with this beautiful girl
Her lovin’ heart and angels smile
The love I have for her is here to stay

Bridge then Chorus

Solo 8 bars over VERSE
Chorus/ outro