It’s Gonna take a Miracle

This is a song written by myself and Rab Howat reflecting our views on what is happening in the world today. Not enough love, care and thought goes into our very existence on this planet and we feel it’s gonna take a miracle” to change the way we are and save the world from itself, however if we all make a real conscious effort to make changes in how we live and everything we do including caring for each other and what we eat we may have a chance of leaving a legacy for our children’s, children and make this earth a better, safer place to live. Peace, Love and kindness go a long way to making this happen. Thanks again to my great friends David Paton,(Bass) David Valentine (Piano & Production), Bob Heatlie (Strings), Rab Howat (Guitar), Martin Wykes (Drums) and Ed Logan (Engineer) who gave their talents to this track.

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Listen to a short section in the promo video below “MIRACLE”