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Songs of our Lives is an album we recorded in the mid noughties in Denia, Spain, Abbey Road 2 London and in our hometown of Edinburgh. David Paton produced and played on all the tracks on this CD. Davie, who has had worldwide success as the lead singer of PILOT writing great songs including ‘Magic’ and ‘January’.

For Davie returning to record at Abbey Road 2 was a real buzz after spending a large part of his musical career there collaborating with legends such as Elton John, Kate Bush, The Alan Parsons Project & Paul McCartney. We were delighted to have him join us to play and produce all of our material on this album.

Back in Abbey Road again was a real privilege and for all us Beatle freaks a chance to play and sing our old favourites before recording our own stuff.  

The songs on this album all have stories and catchy hooks as usual. Find out more about wur Davie by visiting


“Give me some time”  is a track written and recorded by Kenny Herbert & Rab Howat from the Album Songs of our lives. Recorded in Abbey Road Studios London and Denia Spain by David Paton.

‘Give me some time’

written and performed by Kenny Herbert on YOUTUBE

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“Working together with Kenny and Rab on this album was a real joy. The studio is a place for being creative and when the chemistry is right the creativity will flow. From the moment we recorded the first song together we knew that the energy was there, the ideas came easily and best of all, putting this album together has been great fun from start to finish.

What you hear is spontaneous, no spending hours getting the right sound out of the snare, no 10 takes to get the guitar solo right and after getting the level right the vocals would generally go down first take. There are many positive ways to describe ‘Songs of our lives’ good songs, good ideas and unlimited imagination.

This was about great friends who really enjoy working together. I am delighted with my involvement and look forward to our next project.”

–David Paton

Songs of our Lives

Samples from the 12 track album with booklet. listen on the player below
* Give Me Some Time

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Give me some time

by Kenny Herbert | Songs of our Lives