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‘3 BRIDGES’ Queensferry Crossing

My Songs 3 Bridges – Queensferry Crossing

3 Bridges - Queensferry Crossing - Kenny Herbert

After hearing of the sad accident on The Queensferry Crossing causing the death of John Cousin in April 2016, it made me think of him and all the people and families who gave so much to build these structures.

I have hopefully written a song that celebrates the memory of these people and all ‘3 Bridges’. This has also been released to celebrate the opening of the latest crossing and the people who built it.

My wife’s Grandfather, David Rendall worked on the Forth Rail Bridge for 30 years as the bridge Carpenter until 1969. His father, Thomas Rendall, also worked on the Rail bridge from 1903, he was a painter and lamp lighter.

3 Bridges – Kenny Herbert 2016

From the shoreline of the Forth, ‘cross distant water
A nations pride was realised back then
Built from iron girders, they felt it touched the sky
The world could see the wonder of the bridge

Brothers, Sons and Fathers gave their everything
Building these three doorways to the north
As people come and go, everyday by rail and road
Looking from the crossings of the Forth

3 Bridges, welcome you to cross
on every journey shore to shore
Standing in the skyline ever tall
3 Bridges here for evermore

From the Quayside where the ferry used to leave
Colours grey and silver, claret red
A testament to all, who joined these lands to meet
Scotland’s greatest landmark, it is said


Towering, here over the land
They carry us home, once again
Re – member, what they had to give
On high, their trials and their pain


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Queensferry Crossing’

written and performed by Kenny Herbert

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