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The Secret of Life - Kenny Herbert

‘The Secret of Life’ is a song I wrote from an idea after watching a scene in the movie ‘City Slickers’ in a conversation between Billy Crystal and Jack Palance.

We all have to find our own secret of life, and the one thing that makes us happy more than anything we know. Ironically my secret of life is no secret, anyone who follows my music or knows me will know my main inspiration for writing songs is my Beautiful Caroline, this song is no exception.

We all do what we do to get through life and make ourselves happy, it’s just finding that one thing can sometimes be difficult, keep looking.

Thanks to the talented David Paton, (Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Keys, Drum programme) David Valentine (Piano & Production) and Bob Heatlie (Strings), who gave their time and talents to this track. This is now available on iTUNES and on SPOTIFY.

Watch a short promo video below: ‘The Secret of Life’

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