This is a song I’ve written about how I feel about my own life on a day to day basis with my beautiful wife Caroline.  Again It’s about having the person who really understands, loves and cares for you.  As long as you have honesty, love and respect for each other and are truly loved there is always real happiness.

Produced by Bob Heatlie. Cover photo Kenny & Caroline at The Mersey, Liverpool 2019

“The Luckiest Man in the World”  Kenny Herbert © words and music

“I have been absolutely delighted and enriched to have the music of Kenny Herbert in my life for years. His melodic prowess is virtually unequaled. Everything he releases speaks directly to my heart. “The Luckiest Man in the World,” just released, is another classic creation –a beautifully realized mid-tempo ballad about the love he shares with his beloved wife Caroline. With music surrounding them, they are charmed, and so is the listener.

Produced by Bob Heatlie and featuring Rab Howat singing b/v’s, “The Luckiest Man in the World” expresses Kenny’s thoughts through clever lyrics, such as this clever verse invoking the Chairman of the Board: “Feel like the luckiest man in the world, I’ve got my music and my beautiful girl, Feel like Sinatra playing the Sands, I’m gonna love you like no other man.”

The cover art for this truly wonderful song, among Kenny’s best, says it all, really; it depicts Kenny and Caroline in dreamy silhouette and was lensed this year in Liverpool, home of the Fab Four.

Alan Haber,

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