Famous Faces on a Bar Room Wall


We were joined by David Paton to record and produce a set of songs pulling on all our creative thoughts and experiences to come up with melodies and lyrics that reflect everyday life. Following up on the success of ‘SONGS OF OUR LIVES’ this is another album of original music that we have written and recorded in Edinburgh. The title ‘FAMOUS FACES ON A BAR ROOM WALL’ comes from a pilgramage we made to Liverpool each year to play a ‘live session’ on the last Sunday in August at the world famous ‘WHITE STAR’. Last year’s session went on for 6 hours!!!!.. kept going by Jackie & Alfie’s great hospitality throughout the day. In the 60’s the back room of the White Star was used by Bob Wooler and Alan Williams to pay all of their groups including the Beatles who were regulars in the bar. In the back room there is a Beatles wall with pictures of famous faces from the past, hence the title of our album.
We really hope you enjoy the songs? Kenny Herbert & Rab Howat

‘The White Star Bar’ has been traced back as far as the 1880s. A programme from the Liverpool Empire Theatre dated 1887 features an advertisement for the White Star Carvery and bar. The pub is almost the same now as it was then. Just after the war a gentleman named Mr. Quinn bought various pubs in the city, he never changed their names, but on all the front windows he had etched ‘Quinns’, since then all the real ale drinkers in Liverpool and even the good beer guide have called it the White Star ‘Quinns 2’. Another small fact is that there was no ladies toilets until 1987 as a good few pubs in city did not allow ladies into their establishments on their own due to the amount of prostitutes that worked in the city from the end of the second world war until the early 90s. ‘The White Star’ is still a timeless, friendly, classic bar were you get welcomed with the atmosphere of the real Merseyside from a time gone by. Hopefully it will remain unchanged for as long as is possible. One thing is certain… the songs and melodies inspired by this great city will always be talked about, listened to and enjoyed forever in this welcoming bar.

Famous Faces on a Bar Room Wall -available to buy here on CD only

Samples from the 13 track album with booklet listen on the player below
* This time
* Summer of love
* Ordinary Guy (a song for Paul)
* Don’t let the world mess you up

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This time:

Summer of love:

Ordinary Guy: (a song for Paul)

Don’t let the world mess you up

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