The Last Song at Abbey Road


The songs on this album where written by my friend Ed Jones and myself with our love of all things Beatles.

“Dedicated to John, Paul, George & Ringo. Since 1963 their words and melodies have stayed with us through the happy and sad times. Growing up listening to the Beatles gave us the inspiration to sing and write music. To record at most well known studio in the world…….’The Beatles Studio 2′ in Abbey road was for us, the fulfilment of a dream, and one which we will remember for the rest of our Lives. The biggest musical love of our lives has always been ‘The Beatles’ that is why Ed Jones and myself decided to write this album, not to try and copy the Fab four, (as if) but to celebrate the overall sound and good feeling they gave in their music. In these songs we have tried to make them sound as if they have the ambience and good melodies of the great songs written back then. Being writers and musicians we all strive to get the best results, with the music being the real reward”.

I Don’t Know Why -available to buy here on CD and from 28th December 2022 to Download on Spotify & iTunes

Samples from the 11 track album with booklet listen on the player below
* Childhood Days
* I Don’t Know Why
* Money Tree

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Childhood Days:

I don’t know why:

Money Tree:

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